Cybersecurity Support

Core Competencies

  • Contingency Planning Support and Risk Management
  • Policy Review & Recovery Strategies
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Information System Contingency Plans
  • Plan and Execute Testing/Exercises
  • Organization-wide Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk management processes/supporting tools/technologies
  • Risk management key performance indicators &  metrics
  • Security Operations Support
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and maintaining the health of the network security operations systems
  • Responding to events and alerts
  • Managing and executing security remediation activities regarding vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Application Security
  • Document Secure Coding Standards
  • Document Security Design/Architecture
  • Manual Code Reviews
  • Continuous Monitoring for New Vulnerabilities

For Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Conducting a FISMA review and remediation program
  • Developing Recovery Strategies
  • Developing an Information System Contingency Plan
  • Developing a Configuration Management Plan
  • Developing a Risk Management Strategy
  • Planning and delivering desktop continuity of operation and disaster response exercises

For the Social Security Administration:

  • Providing security operations support to the Division of Information Systems Security Administration and Operations