About Us

The Arlluk Advantage



Arlluk is an innovative value-added IT solutions provider with in-depth experience in complex enterprise environments.  

Arlluk Management Structure and Strengths. 

Arlluk is ready to start work upon contract award.  Our management structure is designed to produce highly responsive, highest quality products and services that will meet and exceed client expectations.

Cost-Consciousness and Reliability. 

Arlluk has a reputation for delivering cost-effective and reliable performance for our clients.  Our corporate management team is accountable to ensure successful and timely completion of all tasks in accordance with each contract’s deliverable schedule and budget.  

Responsiveness and Quality.

As demonstrated by our past performance, Arlluk’s technical experts are responsive and anticipate customer needs by delivering innovative solutions.  We have a history of building strong teams that focus on providing prompt, insightful client services and support.  

Empowered Staff. 

Key project staff is empowered to allocate resources to meet evolving client needs.  Arlluk values a business environment that promotes personal and corporate growth while maintaining high standards of fiscal and administrative accountability.

Direct Award Capabilities. 

As a wholly owned Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), Arrluk has access to direct award capabilities, if required/needed up to $22M with no justification required.